About Polly Florence

Hi there!

I’m Polly, another twenty something sharing the things I love online, currently living in a small town in the UK, daydreaming about moving to a city. Recently I’ve taken the freelancing plunge and made my hobby of photography and blogging my full time job which is slightly nerve wracking but mostly exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing where it’ll take me in 2019!

After blogging on Tumblr and Instagram for years, in 2017 pollyflorence.com was created as an official space for my thoughts, photography and sharing the things I’m passionate about; reading until the early hours of the morning, seeing as much of this world as I can, journaling on scraps of paper, drinking probably too much coffee, exploring second hand bookshops, nostalgia & all things thrifted and making my little space at home as cosy as possible. 

You’ll see a lot of those things here as well as over on my Instagram where I share the things I love on a daily basis with a community of over a hundred and fifty thousand of you and I’m so glad that you’re here! If you would like to get in touch or inquire about working with me, visit my contact page or drop by my Instagram!


…these are just some of the brands & publishers
I have worked with in the past.

Disclaimer; Some of the posts on here might be sponsored and paid for by the brand I’m working with. In these cases the posts will be clearly marked AD or SPONSORED. This in no way influences my thoughts on the brand and I only ever work with companies that I am truly interested in and passionate about. 


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