creating a cosy atmosphere at home;

with fracture.

Sponsored post in collaboration with Fracture.

There are so many things I love about this time of year and the cooler temperatures and the opportunities to make things as cosy as possible at home are a couple of my favourites. I take any chance I can get to light some autumnal scented candles and grab a blanket and a book and settle in for the afternoon. This year especially, now that I work from home, I’ve really made an effort to make sure my space is as inspiring and comforting as it can be– when I’ve got a calm and cosy atmosphere it definitely influences my work.

A few weeks back I started to get things ready for autumn– I changed around some of my decor pieces, pulled out a couple of my favourite candles and put in an order of new Fracture prints. If you don’t already know what Fracture does let me explain– they are a photo printing service with a difference– they print your digital pictures straight onto glass and the end result is really beautiful. There is something so special about having physical copies of photos and I feel like having them printed directly onto glass makes the photo even more unique.

As I don’t already own any specifically autumn related prints I decided to pick out some of my favourite autumn photos from the last few years and give them the Fracture treatment! The ordering process is really easy– I made a little folder on my phone of the pictures I wanted to use, I uploaded each of them on the Fracture site, choose the size I wanted– for reference I got a couple of the small and medium size prints and one classic size– and then they take care of the rest! Each print is easily mounted to the wall or you can order a stand is you prefer to display them that way. I personally think they look really lovely sitting on a bedside table or desk as well as on the wall.

I’m so impressed with how the prints turned out, they look beautiful and not only is it just nice to have some physical copies of my photos, having some of my favourite autumn memories out on display has been such a big part of trying to create the perfect warm, autumnal atmosphere at home!

You can order your own Fracture prints here. Until October 3rd they have an autumn sale running– just use the code PUMPKIN to save 25% on your prints– as well as being a lovely treat for yourself I think they make the perfect gift too!

Thank you to Fracture for working with me again and sponsoring this post. All content and opinions are my own.