new year, new playlist

winter; twenty eighteen.


I’m currently listening to this playlist while writing this, the first sprinkling of snow of the year on the ground outside, drinking coffee and reflecting on the month January. It’s been a little while since I shared a playlist with you all & as the new year has brought lots of new favourites, I wanted to make sure I shared them with you now! I’ve left the playlist and a Spotify player below, if you want to have a listen. You know I love getting recommendations so if you have any new favourite music feel free to share it!

winter 2018 / quiet, slow days, mugs of hot chocolate, new projects and fresh starts, a sprinkling of snow, soft blankets, making lists and gazing out of fogged up coffee shops windows, tidying and reorganising, solo cinema trips, toasted marshmallows & walks in the forest.

✧ avent gardner, gordi

✧ brutally, suki waterhouse

✧ dopplegänger, lissom

✧ my mistake, gabrielle aplin

✧ sometimes, benjamin francis leftwich

✧ citadel, cry monster cry

✧ in the stream, s. carey

✧ night cries, arctic lake

✧ arc - stripped, yoste

✧ falling, florence + the machine

✧ for island fires and family, dermot kennedy

✧ i don’t want this job, zach winters

✧ ode to a friend, old sea brigade

✧ treasure, sampha

✧ doria - island songs VII, ólafur arnalds

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