I would say that one of the things I’ve learnt the most about during my time posting on Instagram is photography styling. It’s something that I’m constantly working on and developing as my style has gone through a lot of changes but it’s definitely one of things I love I most, setting up a scene or a flatlay brings so much inspiration and joy & I finally feel like I’m ready to talk about and share my styling tips and tricks with you all!

I just want to add a little disclaimer here that these are just my personal styling tips that I’ve learnt along based on my own style and should not be taken as the only/best way to style your photos!


These are just a few of the tips and tricks that I’ve learnt on photography styling and a little bit about my process;

/ After I’ve come up with a general idea of what I want to be taking photos of, whether that’s for a specific product shoot or just the general things I want to share at that time, then I collect all of those bits and pieces plus any extra props that I might want to use. I usually make a huge pile of props and extras and then try to narrow it down to only the things I really want to include. I also find it helps to have everything nearby so I can try different bit and pieces while i’m shooting… And then it’s time to set things up!

/ Usually I like to have a plain background, for me that means white sheets or white walls and then I try to build in texture and details using different fabric. Sometime I try to add some more warmth to the shot by including things like wooden chopping boards. Often things you already have lying around the house make great props and can add a lot of depth and texture to your picture!

/ Some other things that I’ve found make good props and add interest and depth to your pictures especially if you’re looking for that warm, cosy look; vintage books and old pages, brown paper, photographs, maybe polaroids or old photos if you can find some… I like to include as many of my vintage or thrifted items as I can as I think it can add something a bit different & unique to the photos, I’ve built up my collection by visiting a lot of thrift shops! I also love adding something natural if I can, some greenery or something season like autumn leaves.

/ As I tend to personally prefer my pictures to be neutral and warm, I try and use props that match this theme which then makes editing a lot easier. I definitely recommend find the tones and colours you like best and picking props that fit it well with your scheme.

/ If you’re struggling to know where to start when it comes to shooting, I’ve found that it’s easier to start with the center of the photo and work your way out, try to pick a focal point. Sometimes it’s easy if shooting a particular product because you can choose that as the center but if you’re not try to find something the you want to be the feature of your picture and work from there.

/ Probably my biggest tip is to just keep practising! However cliched it sounds it really does make perfect. Or at least it definitely helps you figure out what looks best! Very rarely does a set up work first time, usually there’s a lot of rearranging involved to get things looking right. Some days I like looking very ordered and clean and sometimes I prefer to mess the lines and angles up a bit so just keep trying different things until you’re happy with how it looks.


And that’s a run through of my photography styling process and tips I’ve learnt along the way… I hope you’ve enjoyed this, I know it’s the kind of thing I find interesting so I hope you do too! Let me know if you want to see more posts with photography content like this one & as always I hope you’re having a lovely day friends!