Something I’ve never been very good at embracing the present and as the cliche goes– living in the moment. It’s something I’ve been working on this year, especially when it comes to spring. I know I’m probably in the minority here but if I had a chosen a least favourite season, it would be spring. When a lot of people get very excited when the weather starts getting warmer and the sun starts showing itself a bit more, I feel the opposite, I'm just all about those cold & preferably gloomy days– they always inspire me much more than sunny ones & I feel much more myself and at home in the autumn and winter months.

This year though I’ve been determined to try to embrace to warmer weather, the sunshine and all of the blossoming trees as much as I can. I’ve been looking for the good in all of the little things; the days getting longer & the beautiful glowy sunsets, seeing the flowers and trees coming to life as a way to be more creative with my photography, being able to visit new places and explore, taking my film camera out to experiment and making new playlists. And that’s what I wanted to share with you today, one of the playlists I’ve made recently because, music can improve my mood 99% of the time and having a good playlist to listen to helps me so much to feel better about what’s going on around me– so here's a spring playlist for you & I really hope you enjoy it! What’s your favourite thing about spring?

/ I Make Sparks, Novo Amor

/ Moln, Menke

/ Firefall, Bjéar

/ Sense of Home, Harrison Storm

/ Late for the Sky, Luke Sital-Singh

/ Should Have Known Better, Sufjan Stevens

/ Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right, Bob Dylan

/ Girl, SYML

/ Taken Blame, Gordi

/ Tethered, Rationale

/ Sweet Little Lie, Nils Frahm

/ Grew Up at Midnight, The Maccabees

/ Lucky For You, Novo Amor, Gia Margaret

/ Body Sun, RY X

/ Arms Unfolding, dodie

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